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The Grill at Vine Ripe!

Did you know that we have a restaurant next door to the Vine Ripe Market! It's a Mediterranean cuisine located at 8191 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa. The menu contains Salads, Fries, Specialty Wraps & Sandwiches, The Classic, Soups, Bowls, Entrees, Sides & Appetizers, and A La Cart single food items. You could also order online through Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats, Postmates, and Mercado. The menu contains foods such as the California burrito, our signature Vine Ripe Cheese Steak, Party Trays and more! We are proud to state that it is a 100% Halal Restaurant. The daily hours are from 10:00am - 9:00pm. Check out the restaurant for delicious meals that will keep you satisfied! Call us at (619) 303 - 0426 and place your order today.

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