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Meat & Seafood

We carry the largest selection of custom Halal meats in San Diego. Fresh Halal Meats and Seasonal Seafood in our Meat Department are always available. Including BBQ & Oven Ready Halal meats ! Marinated and non marinated meats included. Great quality, reasonable price, and delicious meats !! Affordable prices that help you save your money. Check our weekly ads for our weekly sales.

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Our Meat Dept Manager

Sammy is a well-seasoned Meat DM (no pun intended), & he's keen on catering to popular demand. He's giving you more Halal! He's stocking ONLY Halal meats now, AND he has ambitions to get the dept. Halal Certified! He's driven by customer satisfaction, being a great Manager, & he's genuinely enthusiastic about delivering 110%. Sammy is super friendly, so please to stop by and say hello! 

More Halal Meat

Halal Chicken, Beef, and Lamb

BBQ & Oven Ready

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