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Juices Fresh Squeezed Daily &
Self-Service Orange Juicer

If you've tasted our orange juice, you may have wondered why (and how?!) it tastes so much better than most of the fresh squeezed orange juice you've tasted before.  Well, there's a reason for it: our juicer's unique process.  Our juicer simulates the process of using a hand citrus presser.  It cuts the oranges in half, then presses the exposed fruit over a contoured strainer to extract the juice.  This particular process prevents the juice from coming into contact with the peel, thus preventing the bitter oil in the peel from getting into the juice. Try it for yourself, there are Bottles placed on the left side of the machine!


In addition to orange juice, we also have a rotating variety of juices that we make in-house daily. Delicious seasonal and year-round juices and smoothies such as watermelon, pineapple, apple, simply green, coconut water, orange banana smoothie, pomegranate, strawberry banana smoothie, cantaloupe, and many more tongue tantalizing concoctions.

Freshly Squeezed Daily!!

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