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Whoa!! We were recognized by the California Legislative Assembly of East County and State of California Senate.

Vine Ripe Market received the 2nd place for best produce market in East County and We also received an Outstanding Achievement award.

tour buses visit Vine Ripe Aug. 24th
If you happened to be in Vine Ripe at about 11am on August 24th, you undoubtedly witnessed something quite out of the ordinary: Two tour buses full of business professionals poured into the store, bedecked in conference badges and snapping pics like it was going out of style...

It was a bit hectic for a few moments, but the fact that they were here is a huge, ENORMOUS compliment.  The national convention, known as the Multicultural Retail 360 Summit, or MR360, is an annual conference for retailers across the nation who have a multicultural customer base.  It's held in a different city every year, and each year they tour 4-5 multicultural retail businesses that are unique, or stand out in some way in the host city. THEY PICKED US!!!

It was a huge honor to have them, and we had fun answering their questions, and tickling their tastebuds with a few of our house specialties.

For those of you who were here at the time, we really hope it wasn't too overwhelming!
Vine Ripe was named one of the "6 Best Neighborhood Spots in La Mesa, California" by
Fairfied Residential, a national multi-family housing developer
Lovely customer review!!
Fresh meat, Delicious sandwiches, Appetizing delights !
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